We Could All Use A Little Money (tree) In Our Life Right Now!

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love the look of fresh flowers and live plants in a living space. They add so much life to a living space with their vibrant colors. The problem is I don’t have a green thumb and often end up with dead plants from neglect or overwatering.

With all this time on my hands being quarantined at home I read about a house plant called ” The Money Tree”. It caught my attention because the plant is said to bring good luck (who couldn’t use a little help this year, right!) but was also fell in love with its beautiful braided trunk, tropical leaves, and low-maintenance watering needs.

That said I am gonna give this cute little plant a try! Wish me luck! Why don’t you join me and maybe we can make 2021 a little brighter for all!


By Style Bestie

Super busy mom