About Us

Welcome to StyleBestie!


You might be able to relate to this.

I am a 40+ wife, mom, and freelance graphic designer, busy with 2 sets of twins, and unfortunately been wearing the same set of yoga pants and t-shirts for too long!

Do you know about those mail-order clothing companies that will ship stylish items to you to try before you buy?

I subscribed to a few of these companies and acquired some super cute new pieces. However, the majority of my closet was still lacking.

If only you could “phone a friend” or in this case, your “Style Bestie” to help review your closet, figure out what styles look best on you, what to keep, and which pieces just need to go.

Enter StyleBestie.com…

Our mission is to bring the top stylists together with people who need a little direction defining their wardrobes and looking their best.

While StyleBestie began with a fashion dilemma in mind, I found there is also no easy place to find a great interior designer for the same purpose! Furnishings, colors, placement, etc can be as overwhelming as picking a new outfit for your 25th reunion. Our interior stylists are here to help layout a room, design a nursery or even sell a home.

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to hearing about your StyleBestie success story!

– Melissa