7 Design Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Outdoor Rooms

Rooms inside a house are pretty straightforward: a dining room is used for dining, a bedroom for sleeping, a bathroom for bathing, and so on. How you approach designing your outdoor space is an entirely personal decision, but there are some basic rules to follow. Among them: Focal point: Establishing a focal point is an… Continue reading 7 Design Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Outdoor Rooms

2024 Summer Accessories Trends

When it comes to this year’s accessories, it’s all about small details and functionality. We want personalized jewelry to express ourselves over Zoom. We want necklaces that double as holders for our masks and sunglasses, and we want earrings that are subtle and dainty. We want headbands to quickly style our hair and crossbody bags that free up our hands! Finally, when it comes to… Continue reading 2024 Summer Accessories Trends

How to Contrast Neutrals With Bold Colors

There’s a reason why so many masterful paintings and well-designed rooms are composed of neutrals, accented by a few spots of intense, fully saturated color. It’s a central principle of art and interior design: Bright colors appear more vivid when surrounded by neutral colors. Neutrals provide a unifying function for rooms, enhancing the beauty of… Continue reading How to Contrast Neutrals With Bold Colors

How To Wear BOLD Colours

I love bold and bright colours… They are not just something you wear – they are a statement. When you’re wearing something bright and bold you’re immediately establishing your presence and indirectly you are conveying the message to everyone that you have a daring, bright and exciting personality. Bright colours might not be for everyone and also… Continue reading How To Wear BOLD Colours