Balling on a budget !

Hi bestie, we’re Falling for you! Style bestie knows how tough it is to style yourself with the latest fashion trends without having thousands of dollars to burn.

Wait, cheer up!

This week we will be informing you about balling on a budget.

That’s right, dressing in the latest fashion without breaking the bank.

Here are some ways that you can find your favorite pieces that are stylish and affordable.

Check your local department stores first, search for the sale items on websites, and luxury department stores.

We are 85% sure that these places may have the style you are looking for , for a discounted price. Don’t you think about breaking the bank again.

We have your back bestie!


Is it worth it?

Budget Checklist :


✓ Does the price go over my budget?

✓ What is the value behind the item?

✓ Where was it made?

✓ Who is the designer?

✓ Will it last for 5+ years?

✓ Does it have a warranty?

✓ What is the return policy?


If your checklist is complete you will have no problem deciding if you should purchase the item or leave it at the mall.