Stunning Before And After Exterior Makeovers That Boosted Curb Appeal

These before and after exterior remodel projects will inspire you to take on that renovation you’ve been putting off. Remodeling your home’s exterior is a huge project. One thing I love to do when I’m planning a big project is to look at before and after photos. It is so encouraging to see other people go through the same struggles and make it out to the other side! Have no fear, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

I am currently in the early stages of looking to purchase a new home (YAY). While I am ECSTATIC to finally be house shopping, it’s also extremely daunting. My budget is super tight and most of the homes I can afford are just plain ugly. We all have that dream of buying a perfect brand new home, but sometimes we need to start out our home-owning journey in a fixer-upper. I am a huge DIY fan but renovating a home will be far beyond my level of expertise. One thing that keeps me from spiraling into full panic mode is looking at other houses before and after photos.  By looking around for home renovation photos I’ve found that exteriors can often make the most impact. It’s the first thing people see when they come to visit, and most often the only part of your house passerby’s will ever see. I’m always blown away by how much a home’s exterior can change by adding some flower beds, or re-painting. If they can do it, SO CAN I! Take a look at these before and after renovations. They will give you all the inspiration you need to give your exterior a facelift.

1. Dated 90’s Brick Home to a Timeless Classic

This beautiful home makeover by Joanna Gaines is definitely one to keep for the inspiration folder. The changes made are relatively simple, with the exception of the front windows. She changed the arched windows to a modern square edge, and it really transforms the feel of the entire home. After painting the brick white and adding contrasting grey wood shutters this home now has a classic look that will last a lifetime. And did you get a look at that new front door? Talk about massive curb appeal. Guaranteed to make all the neighbors jealous.

2. Before and After Exterior Remodel Plaster Over Brick

I have to admit, I love the before AND the after of this home exterior. Both looks are stunning, but it all comes down to personal preference. Leslie Segreto applied a plaster over the brick and I absolutely love it. Check out her website and click Brick & Stone to see some closeups of the result. Being the daughter of a mason I thought I’d seen it all, but I have in fact never seen a finish quite like this one. This is also an awesome idea so save for a brick fireplace update.

3. Dark Exterior Makeover

I love this little house. The new black brick exterior proves that small homes can have huge curb appeal. The symmetrical design combined precise landscaping transformed this small rancher into a sophisticated home. This before and after exterior remodel is one of my favorites. Most people would have torn this home down and started over, but I’m happy it got a second chance.

4. Mid Century Modern Bungalow renovation

I love an easy transformation. The only thing required for this mid-century modern bungalow makeover was a little bit of paint. OK so maybe it was quite a lot of paint and several hours of painting, but the result is SO worth it. Isn’t it crazy what a fresh coat of paint can do? Such an easy before and after exterior home remodel!

5. Before and After Exterior English Cottage Makeover

When in doubt, paint the brick white. Don’t you just adore this little English style cottage? I’m in love with the white brick combined with dark charcoal trim. As you can see this renovation was quite extensive and involved expanding the second floor. But the basic idea of simply painting dated orange brick and trim can be applied to almost any home exterior needing a face lift.

6. Backyard Before and After Makeover

Here is another fairly simple before and after involving just a few cans of paint. Do you ever find yourself watching those house hunter shows on HGTV? You know the show where they pair up first time home buyers with a realtor to tour several homes? One thing that drives me crazy is how so many people walk into a home and immediately decide against it just because of the paint color. Paint is literally the cheapest and easiest way to transform any space, interior or exterior. Never underestimate the power of a can of paint!

7. From Plane Jane to Massive Curb Appeal

This is just the cutest house settled in the woods. I love this before and after exterior remodel. The homeowners painted the brick, replaced the roof and painted their front door. They also added trim to their windows which makes them look so much bigger, added a beautiful brick walkway, and a cute little iron fence. The result is an adorably sweet rancher. This before and after is from Laurel Home, go see how this modest starter home became a couples forever home.

8. Edgy Mid Century Modern Home Makeover

If you’ve been looking for a dramatic before and after, this is the one! The homeowners have completely modernized this home by painting the whole exterior white and extending the roof over the front porch. With finishing touches like a bright orange front door and an awesome chandelier, I’m sure this exterior makeover was all the rage at the neighborhood’s summer block parties.

9. Modern Home Exterior Transformation

This home exterior gained some serious curb appeal after adding a few modern elements. An expanded balcony with a modern glass railing really sets this home apart. The home was split in two before with brick on the main floor and shingle siding on the second, it’s not unified with a stucco finish throughout.

10. From 80’s to Elegant

Here is another great before and after from Joanna Gain’s Fixer Upper. The makeover on this home is so simple, yet so beautiful. The home is completely brightened by receiving a fresh coat of white paint, and the peaked roof is accentuated by adding new architectural wood details.


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