5 Home Items That Are Worth The Splurge

I love a good deal. I think you know that by now! I WILL hunt down a coupon code or look for budget-friendly dupes to save a buck, and a lot of times that works for me. But I’ve also learned that some things are worth the investment. Some “cheaper alternatives” just don’t last as long or give you the same high-end look that a name brand can do and some may cost you more in the end. So today I’m sharing 5 common items that I don’t recommend buying on the cheap.




Faucets are a statement. In a bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room, they are one of the main things that differentiate a budget friendly design from a high end look. There are a few reasons I prefer spending more on faucets…quality being the biggest reason. I usually prefer to pick faucets from brands that I know. Plastic parts are less expensive but are more likely to break and leaking is a common issue with low quality brands. Pfister, Kohler, Delta, Kraus, Moen, and Delta are all well known brands that produce quality faucets.

Aesthetics is another big reason! High quality brands generally produce higher quality finishes and designs. With the faucet being such a focus of the bathroom and kitchen’s design, you want to be sure that it makes a statement from afar and up close. Cheap gold finishes are giveaways of a faux brass finish and a budget friendly faucets from the hardware store is often the sign of a low budget renovation.




Knobs, pulls, and door handles are one of the best ways you can turn a low end or budget friendly item into a high end designer look. Ikea cabinets are a great example of that! A less expensive cabinet with high end hardware can make any Ikea cabinet look like a custom kitchen. Chris Loves Julia’s kitchen above is a perfect example of that. The same goes for both interior and exterior door handles! A simple or builder grade door can look custom with a designer door handle in a quality finish.

The main thing to keep in mind is that your hardware is constantly being used so you need something that can withstand that. The longevity of the finish and interior components with everyday use is generally seen more in higher quality materials. And don’t forget about the weight of the hardware! The heavier it is, the better (and more quality) it feels in my opinion!




I keep going back and forth on this because there are some budget friendly lights that look and feel beautiful! I’ve seen tons of table lamps that cost less than $50 but look $200 and I think a lot of that has to do with a good finish and a great shade. It’s overhead lights, sconces, and exterior lights that I tend to prefer higher end. Again, the color/finish is a big thing and budget friendly alternatives tend to have a cheaper looking/faux finish. I like a light that looks and feels substantial (somewhat weighted) and a quality metal with a quality finish can do that. You don’t need to spend all your money to get a quality finish, a medium range of $100 is usually a good place to start.




Just like the hardware in your home, you use your sofa everyday…multiple times a day! It’s going to see a lot of wear and a quality cushion that bounces back with a durable fabric that can be cleaned is often worth your money. We know first hand how quickly a budget-friendly couch can wear and we’ve learned that it’s almost always worth the investment


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By Style Bestie

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