Inspirational Kitchen Makeovers – Before and After

I am a big fan of seeing kitchen makeovers before and after pics.

They really help me see the vision created by the designer or homeowner.

I also love these pics because I can relate to the layout of my current space and decide what changes I really like and which ones are not as impactful as I thought.

I have added several pics below and circled the changes that were most noticeable.

Hope you enjoy!


The kitchen reno above has some great updates for minimal cost.

Painted cabinets, new flooring, and new curtains for the dining room.

Painting the upper cabinets white really makes the room feel lighter and brighter.

Replacing the flooring to extend from the kitchen to the dining room helps create the feeling of a larger space.

Lastly, the addition to the curtains in the dining room hung at ceiling hight make the room feel taller.


This is another example of making minimal updates with a lot of impact!

The only 2 big changes made were painting cabinets white and changing the cabinets that frame the window to open wood shelving.

I am floored by how much more modern and open this kitchen is after the makeover!

Look how much better the granite countertops look paired with the white cabinets.

Crazy right?


Here is another great makeover but probably costs a bit more than the previous examples.

The hanging cabinets over the peninsula were taken out and then remaining cabinets painted a pretty neutral grey.

I like that the homeowner decided to keep the beams but on the fence if they should have painted them white or not?

The update of new appliances including an apron sink and custom range hood really gives this kitchen a modern farmhouse vibe.


Last but not least, check this tiny little kitchen remodel out!

By opening the wall and adding barstools and floating shelves this kitchen has gone from cramped and closed off to open and airy.

Painting the cabinets black and adding darker floors help create a sophisticated and elegant hangout space.

The addition of bench seating around the dining table is a nice addition and helps bring the two small spaces together.


What do you think of these makeovers? Are you considering one yourself?

If so, check out our style bestie profiles for someone to help you with your next project!

By Style Bestie

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