Top 10 Ideas For Styling Your Coffee Table

Unless you started a living room revolution and got rid of your coffee table, there’s a good chance it’s one of the most important pieces in your space. Your coffee table is so much more than a surface to kick up your feet or place a glass of wine. As the focal point of your living room, it acts as an anchor for your ottomans, armchairs, and sofas.

Here are my top 10 most versatile ideas for styling your coffee table!!


1. Embrace Flower PowerPost Image

Never underestimate the impact of a bright bouquet of flowers in a sophisticated vase paired with a stylish stack of magazines on your coffee table. The setup in Aviva Falk and Nick Bonham’s Brooklyn abode feels fun and feminine, but also functional.


2. Get the Tray Treatment

A cute catchall tray can go a long way on a coffee table. Case in point: Apartment Therapy editor Tayrn Williford’s Atlanta, Georgia loft, where she employed a chic tray to corral controllers, matches, and more on a large travertine coffee table.


3. Play With Proportions

Anchor a graciously sized coffee table with a design-savvy tray, like the silver platter styled with small plants and flowers we spotted in Amanda’s New York City apartment.


4. Organize With a Basket

Not working with a ton of storage space on your coffee table? No problem. A small but chic storage basket can slide right under your coffee table to offer up extra room for stashing stuff. For inspiration, check out Meghan and Jesse Arlen’s Los Angeles abode.


5. Get Geometric

Searching for a fun way to dress up a round coffee table? Geometrical objects, like the mini pyramid sculpture we spotted in Cindy Epping’s Portland, Oregon living room, provides a nice contrast to a shapely coffee table.


6. Mix and Match Styles

Update your old coffee table by styling it with a few modern art objects or vessels to instantly update the space, just like we saw in Cynthia Zamaria and Graham Loughton’s Ontario home.


7. Raise it Up

A sleek serving board, like the marble one we spotted in Amanda Holstein’s San Francisco living room, instantly elevates a coffee table while still providing plenty of storage space.


8. Style a Stack

When in doubt, you can always count a couple of neatly stacked piles of books or magazines to liven up your coffee table. In Jesica Ryzenberg’s San Francisco rental, she made a statement by placing an interesting accent on top of a pristine stack of magazines.


9. Invest in Transparent Pieces

See-through furnishings are awesome for creating the illusion of more space in a small apartment—and Felicity Graham Sargent’s Brooklyn studio is no exception. Instead of cramping up her tiny living room zone with bold and bulky decorative items, she stuck with a glass coffee table and transparent accent pieces to keep the space clean and clear.


10. Take a Seat

Nothing maximizes a small space like multifunctional furniture. Turn your coffee table into a makeshift dining nook by throwing a couple of plush floor pillows or poufs underneath it, just like we saw in Soffia Gardarsdottir’s farmhouse in Alftanes, Iceland.


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