10 Ways A Personal Stylist Can Change Your Life

If you’ve ever thought… is there a personal stylist near me to help revamp my personal style and curate my closet?

Redefining your image is not a privilege confined to the rich and fabulous circles anymore, but a service offered to anyone in quest for time-and-money-saving customization of their wardrobe, directly reflecting a more efficient lifestyle.

People are often clueless about their desired appearance, but they are quite aware of their habits, tastes, hobbies, mode of life, daily activities, and current priorities, which should definitely mold their wardrobes. Their busy schedules dictate the need for an expert that will observe their personal characteristics and necessities and suggest looks that best correspond to them. It is definitely a transformative experience. But what else is it beyond smart clothing-and-shopping choices?



Personal stylists may work within your comfort zone, but they also encourage you to try on an enhanced version of yourself by experimenting with equally (or more) flattering looks that accord with your mood to pursue change. Stylists artfully push your aesthetics towards a more pleasant and fulfilling transformation, whether you are fearless and want a drastic shift or more conservative and prefer minor gradual improvements.


Stylists organize your closet’s content through a consultation process that includes audit, edit, thoughtful discarding of unnecessary items and swapping with those staples that fill in the gaps, so as to create a more cohesive wardrobe. The number of pieces you own might be reduced but the possible combinations to wear will increase dramatically. The autopsy at the client’s house might bring about the need for a wardrobe purging and redesign that will be instrumental during a transitional period to a new lifestyle (new job, motherhood, etc.). Ever since it will take you zero time to select the perfect outfit for each occasion on a daily basis.


Scrutinizing your personal style through the keen eyes of a stylist, you might discover your fashion potential in colors, silhouettes, and details that were missing from your vocabulary. An in-depth analysis of your profile will reveal a hoard of new things to adopt; necklines, hemlines, textures, shades and embellishments that take your personal style to the next level. It’s fashion self-awareness!


A personal stylist will help you adapt and get used to your new fabulous profile, infusing you with the certainty that your looks always work. Your preset or pre-planned head-to-toe outfits will make you feel great in your own skin, ready to charm others. Taking pictures of your upcoming ensembles and adding written instructions underneath, stylists make the whole process stress-free. Right in your closet, you’ll have a personal look book you could resort to, at all times!


Beyond dressing well, stylists teach you to dress safely, providing you with practical solutions on wardrobe malfunctions, teaching your little tricks that turn your boring outfit into a showstopper, and giving you general-care instructions for clothes and accessories. You will learn how to maintain your wools, instantly repair your shoes, magically secure a plunging neckline, and efficiently respond to any fashion emergency might occur to you during the day.


Quite often, a personal stylist can replace the shrink, since all you need to overcome your blues is a great outfit and a mood-lifting discussion! It’s a couple of positive-energy fun hours devoted exclusively to you. During this session, you are encouraged to play with colors and forms, as well as focus on your needs and desires. The stylist will listen, respond, and customize solutions for you. It’s not just about getting a new dress. It’s mostly about finding out what a wonderful dress can do for you!


Without proper guidance, your shopping habits might have been similar to some people’s attachment to comfort food. A stylist can train you to avoid unnecessary purchases, overpriced buys, unlucky experiments, and repetitions of styles (too many LBDs in your closet). You will not only know what suits you, but also where to find it, and when it’s value-for-money. Your stylist has a miraculous list of outlets, bazaars, thrift stores, and reduced-price online boutiques to resort to, every time you want to replace worn-out items in your wardrobe.


Stylists can do the shopping for you, or aid you while shopping, or train you to become a smart shopper. You will have at your disposal a list of brands that best serve your unique personal style and the possibility to skip the shopping experience, going directly to their choices; accepting or rejecting items delivered to you in your own space. Sometimes these services extend to suggestions about home decoration, gifts, hair and makeup.


Stylists act like walking magazines, giving current information about trends, how to adopt them and which of them can be adapted to your personal style. Glossies present trends in an idealized manner, while stylists bring them down to reality.


Feeling confident about your new look can get you anywhere you were dreaming of! There is always a special goal – in the quest for a new career, a promotion, a soulmate, a new status, or just people’s attention – behind somebody’s decision to invest in a personal stylist. A wardrobe remodeling can trigger changes in your life or come as an adaptation to them. One is for sure; looks always play a major role when you’re determined to succeed!


Written by: schoolofstyle.com

By Style Bestie

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