15 Corner Space Ideas

We all have one — a weird corner space that you don’t quite know what to do with.

When you try, it either looks like a cluttered, half-thought-out mess, or when it’s bare, you can’t help but think of the wasted space.

We’ve totally been there.

But with these clever corner space ideas, you’re sure to come up with a brilliant idea for your odd corner. Turn it into a prime spot for toys… create seating… add shelving. The world is your corner! Get it?


How to Better Use Corner Space In Your Home

1. Add floating shelves to an empty corner to house books and framed photos.


2. How about those corners in the pantry? If you have a hard time getting to all your canned goods there, try Lazy Susans on each shelf instead. It makes a world of difference, and now you can see all your cans with just a twirl.


3. Get your kids’ bedrooms organized with stuffed animal zoos in the corner. It’s a great way to corral them, especially if your child is outgrowing them but still playing with them once in a while.


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By Style Bestie

Super busy mom