3 Essential Supplies For This Struggling Homeschool Mom

Do you ever scroll through Instagram or Pinterest and see perfectly perfect homeschool rooms? The huge farm tables, the meticulous supplies (color-coordinated, of course), built-in bookshelves with alphabetized books, a delightful desk for planning, and a lovely set of double doors to close off everything at the end of the day.


Well my not so Pinterest ready dining table is where I plan to conduct school this year with my kids. Don’t have the time or energy or money to transform our space into a schoolroom however the 3 tips below I think are essential to keep me sain and keep us on track.


1. The Morning Basket

The entire concept of this homeschool morning basket is to create simplistic mornings for the morning impaired mom, like me! This basket houses morning activities in a quick, easily accessible manner. Think flashcards, journals, doodle books, light reading. Anything to get the kids started while I complete at least one cup of coffee.


2. 3 Ring Homeschool Binder

a) A divider for mom – this holds upcoming things I need to prep for lessons, notes to remember, etc.

b) A divider for each Child – worksheets, teacher notes, etc

c) A divider for important papers – report cards, progress reports


2. Curriculum Baskets

Keeping curriculum in bins instead of on top of surfaces or stacked messily in bookshelves is a super simple homeschool organization solution! This is a big one for me. Kids have a tendency to leave stuff where it lays and loose paperwork all the time. These baskets will hopefully be a landing spot for all folders, books, chrome books, cords, etc


3. Student White Board and/or Planner

If you have a child that struggles with focus issues like I do, this might just be a wonderful tool for your homeschool! 

Part of teaching our children to stay on task, complete their work in a timely manner, and keep things organized while they are doing it, considers planning on both our part as well as theirs.

The older our children get, the more responsibility needs to fall on them and less on us as parents.



By Style Bestie

Super busy mom