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27 Best Wall Color Ideas To Make Your Room Pop

Changing the wall color in a room can be a daunting proposition.

Where can I find the best wall color ideas?

What color is on-trend?

Will it make the room look small?

What if I don’t like it?

Well, I’m here to tell you not to worry so much and overthink it. For me, color is all about invoking a feeling.

Happy, relaxed, tranquil, energized, cozy, etc.

What is your favorite color? Why is this your favorite color? Life can be stressful and if I can add a bit of cheer to a room in my home I am all for it! So pick a color that brings you joy and get some sample paint in that color and get painting.

Remember its just paint and you can always change it back!

Here is a great slideshow of colors to get your creative juices flowing! Enjoy!!

green wall color ideas


Kelly Green

In case you’re looking to balance out the neutral tones of your furniture, take the easy and affordable route by buying a couple gallons of intensely pigmented paint. Here, green painted walls and molding serve to accentuate the pretty cream sofa. Colorful accessories bridge the gap between the neutral furnishing and the bold wall color. If you are doing a two-tone effect, pick colors from the same strip. (Talk about easy!)

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