Secrets To Predicting A Trend

I’m asked a lot how I can predict trends, how do I really figure this stuff out? My friends (not working in design) say they also know decor trends and they find trend spotting so easy, they buy a magazine or visit a design shop and can spot them in moments. Ok, maybe that’s one way to get a feel for what’s vibing today BUT how about predicting trends, what they could be tomorrow, in a year or two? That’s what I do. So first, we’ll talk about how I predict trends, a little bit about how various things influence design trends, and finally, three design trends that I think you should be watching for…



My trend forecasting crystal-ball gazing abilities are driven purely by a combination of things that I inherently have:

  • Curiosity – A TON

  • My emotional sensitivity, I’m am an empath (google it). It’s a thing. I always thought I was a little crazy but now I realize that I’m just highly sensitive. And a little crazy. 😉

  • Crazy deep intuition (that I also trust and listen to), I can pick up on cues and things that others just don’t get. I always know when someone is hiding something from me. I’m impossible to lie to.

  • I’m always watching and listening. I talk a lot but I listen more. I also can talk and be listening to the other table’s conversation at the same time – my brain can just absorb everything. I often wondered if I have ADD and I’m just undiagnosed. If I do, it’s definitely not hurting my life so I’ll keep it. haha.

  • I pick up on clues, I’m an investigator. At my core I’m a journalist looking for answers, trying to sniff out a good story to tell, wanting to get to the heart of every matter of interest to me personally.

  • I don’t know what this is called, but I’m a bit like Jason Bourne from those films. I can walk into a restaurant and leave within a seconds time, and sit down and sketch the entire floor plan, every door and window, furniture placement, and also where people were seated. I guess this is part of sensing trends and spotting them. I am observant. Yeah, that’s it. But in a 6th sense kind of way.

  • I love people. I am fascinated by them. I love all people, all races, colors, religions, genders, lifestyles, I always want to know everything about everyone that I meet.

Can you identify with this list above?

So, and not to belittle the trend spotters because they have value as much as me, but in my case, it’s not about seeing trends at a fair or on Instagram and calling them out, it’s about sensing what the next trend will be and calling it out in advance.

That is what a trend expert does.



This is a big topic that could fill a book. I won’t even attempt to answer it all here. But I’ll just speak on a few pieces that may be interesting for you today.

Most established companies in all markets hire trend forecasting agencies, or individual trend experts, to help them to foresee what’s coming. Period.

Think about this: it’s not a coincidence when suddenly all of the foodie books are about Slow Food or the design books are suddenly about Holistic Living or Home Organization. These authors worked with their agent, pitched several book ideas in advance, and the agent told them which book would be most likely the best title depending on the release date and what is forecasted to trend around that time. There is a science behind it, a rhyme to the reason. Agents are told by Publishing Houses what is coming…

Okay, then there is the bigger picture… There are many trends out there, in thinking, in politics, in health… interiors, fashions… But usually, they all mix and end up influencing each other, together. Fashion and culture influence design. Health and politics influence design. Everything influences design.

A trend is not just based on what people want now, but on what experts and tastemakers feel that the customer wants or needs and how that will evolve into a year or two from now. For instance, everyone is talking about home organization and simplification today. Okay.

So what will that mean in a year or two from now? Every trend evolves.

What do we think is needed next for people who are trying to simplify their lives? Idea: Maybe an app for exchanging products, so instead of buying that new vase, you can find it on an app and barter with the owner, exchange something with them for that vase – a product or maybe even a service.

Like, “you send me that Shell vase and I’ll give you a 30-minute coaching session on Zoom”. So the home organization trend could lead to something totally different that originated with the need people have to get rid of their good stuff in a way that is a little different than what we can do currently – sell it on eBay, donate, or give it to a friend. Imagine if bartering becomes the new eBay? I’m not predicting this, I’m just using this as an example.

Now you are ready to predict the future!



I’m known as a pioneer in my industry because I am fearless and curious – a real trailblazer! I love to lead, take risks and try new things, and I challenge myself by doing what hasn’t been done before. I’m always thinking of what could be next and how to make it possible. I also love to collaborate with others and I work best under pressure. When everyone is ready to give up, I’m the cheerleader who motivates others to stand up and keep going so that we can all be successful together.

~ Holly

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