How To Wear BOLD Colours

I love bold and bright colours…

They are not just something you wear – they are a statement. When you’re wearing something bright and bold you’re immediately establishing your presence and indirectly you are conveying the message to everyone that you have a daring, bright and exciting personality.
Bright colours might not be for everyone and also not for everyday… you have to feel the part when you wear them. What I mean is that you need to be in the right mood to pull off that look.

However, even if you are in the mood to be bold and to put yourself out there, it can be quite tricky to pair and accessorise the looks. So I’m going to share with you my personal tips and tricks for creating great outfits with cool statement colours following a few simple rules!

1. Be BOLD all the way

If you choose to go for statement colours, do it all the way through your outfit. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than pairing dull and faded colours with bold and bright pieces. It just makes the outfit look really unbalanced and puts unnecessary attention on the statement piece as opposed to the whole look and YOU.


2. The Color Wheel is your new best friend 













A Colour wheel is a great way to check whether your pieces go together or not. The easiest thing to do with statement colours is to pair clothing pieces that sit opposite from each other on the colour wheel. For example, if you go for a purple dress, match it with yellow shoes. I’ve put together an example of a funky statement outfit below.

  3. The secret of  “COLOUR BLOCKING”

Instead of using the opposite colour scheme on the wheel, you can also try colour blocking. Colour blocking means that you actually pair the colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel. So for example, you can pair red with red-purple or yellow-orange with yellow.
You could even jump over one colour on the wheel, instead of pairing the clothes in colours that are next to each other. Go up and have another look at the wheel and you’ll see what I mean. For example, you can pair blue-purple (dark blue) with blue-green (turquoise), instead of pairing it with light blue. I’ve put together an outfit as an example for you below so feel free to check it out.


4. Maintain the same colour tone

The last piece of advice I’ve got for you is to maintain the same tone of one colour. What do I mean by that? So imagine I have an orange skirt and a pink top for a colour block outfit. Now, for my heels, I can use either orange or pink – but it has to be the same colour tone as the skirt or the top. If my orange looks too light (has a yellow tint in it) the outfit will lose balance and will look wrong.










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