5 Ways To Spice Up A T-shirt and Jeans

Well, it’s official. The county where we live has decided to do virtual schooling for at least the first semester. A jeans and T-shirt combo is definitely going to be apart of my daily wardrobe so thought I would share some sure-fire ways to look my best while I’m playing teacher to my kids!

Check out these 5 tips to spice up your typical jeans and tshirt combo from Abby Smith at www.twistmepretty.com

1) Do something with your hair.  We all know that after a few hours of running around with the kids, or sitting in meetings, whatever it is you do with your days, your hair goes flat.  It’s just inevitable. If you pull your hair up into a top knot, you’ve got volume all day.  If you braid your hair back, or add an accent twist into your bangs, you’ve now spiced up your look and added a bit more interest.  Who cares what you’re wearing when your hair is pretty right?!  Sometimes the styles that take the least amount of time can make the biggest difference.
2) Wear shoes you love.  Whether it’s these bold sandals, or something more like my Leopard Sneakers — LOVE YOUR SHOES.  Through your shoes you can not only add pops of color and texture but you can pull pattern and interest into a seemingly plain outfit.
3) Statement Necklaces. Statement necklaces add glitz and glam to plain outfits.  They also pull colors and patterns together and they are undoubtedly my favorite accessory to wear with a regular tee shirt and jeans.  ‘Nough said.
4) A bold lip.  This one needs no explanation.  WEAR A BOLD LIP ALREADY!!!
5) Wear a bag. Just like statement necklaces and shoes, bags pull in color and help coordinate patterns.  If your outfit is too neutral and plain, add a pop of color through your bag.

By Style Bestie

Super busy mom