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My Recent Closet Clean Out

Here Is What I Learned

Whoa, guys. A couple weeks ago I did a major closet clean out and removed over 100 items!

I’m still baffled as to how that was all squished into my closet, but getting rid of clutter feels good!

As a style blogger, you’d think I’d love having tons of clothes, but that’s not really the case.  I’m not a minimalist by any means (though my husband basically is when it comes to clothes), but I still don’t like having more clothes than I can keep track of.  If you’ve been around PMT for a while you know I seek to build a closet full of versatile pieces that I can wear different ways which keeps my wardrobe a lot more manageable.  And that’s how I’d like to keep it–style blogger or not!

However, my closet was getting way overgrown for my liking.  I had a baby in April, so there were lots of clothing transitions last year between maternity wear, clothes for early postpartum, allowing myself to update some breastfeeding-friendly optionsgetting stronger and losing weight, and the usual seasonal changes.  Plus there were the “normal” pieces to discard like the ones I liked for a season but was ready to move on from.  And then there were tons of pieces hanging around simply from being a style blogger.  While I share lots of old items (to the point where you might be sick of seeing them, haha!) I still have a good amount of new stuff that rotates in, especially when I do sponsored posts and use pieces from a brand’s current collection.  Sometimes I’ll keep those items, which means I need to get rid of more of my older stuff.  Sometimes the items I choose are great for some of YOUR needs but I may not need them personally, like super warm sweaters or a business casual skirt.  (I have a few of those in my closet, but I don’t need a TON of them and it doesn’t make sense to keep 10 of them when I only need 2 or 3, for example.)  Sometimes when I’m less sensible, I’ll keep items that I don’t need at all but just am not ready to part with, haha!  Anyway, I had quite a few sponsored posts towards the end of last year which resulted in an overflowing closet (plus all my maternity, postpartum, etc. clothes), and my closet was ready for a major clean out!

If you haven’t done a closet clean out recently, I highly suggest doing one this month!  It feels sooooo good!  Today I’ll share why you should do one, how I decided what to get rid of and what to keep, what I gained, and what I might do with the pieces I got rid of.  If you don’t want to do one, at the very least I always find a peek into people’s closets fun, so I hope you enjoy hearing about mine!

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