Dressing The Oval Body Shape For Fall

Who else has an oval body shape like me?

I love the advice below from Kay Harms with dressedformyday.com

Basically, an oval body shape is characterized by little to no waistline. Hips and shoulders are generally in proportion, but the middle is slightly wider or more pronounced. This is actually the rarest body type, and often an oval shape will turn into an H or rectangle shape as she loses a little weight. But the style tips are similar for both body shapes.

the oval or O body shape

The Cheat Sheet – Here are the rules to shop by for the oval body shape:

  • bypass the waist – don’t belt or draw attention there
  • draw focus to the face and legs
  • look for open necklines, preferably v-necks
  • stay clear of closed or high necklines
  • look for empire waistlines, just below the bosom
  • look for dresses or skirt hems to finish at the knee in order to show off calves.
  • pants & jeans should fall in a straight line from hips – no skinny jeans or tapered pants
  • no pleats at the waistline
  • select straight, bootleg, or trouser fit jeans and pants
  • wear heels if possible or pointy toe flats
  • select blouses with a soft drape in the front
  • avoid pocket detail near the waist or hips – no cargo pants
  • absolutely NO tapered leg styles of pants
  • look for longer line jackets and cardigans that skim past the waist
  • wear jackets and cardigans open to create slimming vertical lines
  • wear brighter cardigan or jacket over darker tops or dresses
  • steer completely clear of horizontal lines – waistbands and stripes and seams
  • utilize the column of color under a third piece
  • put details above the bust to draw attention to the face
  • utilize vertical lines through the torso when possible
  • put detail under the knees with interesting hemlines or shoes
  • place horizontal lines at shoulders or just under the bust
  • look for high rise jeans for support and slenderizing shape, but you won’t tuck into them


Casual Work for the Oval Shape this Fall

Dress for oval Shape



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