Art As Inspiration For Your Space

I am a huge art lover and was searching for some inspiration today before tackling a new painting. 
I have taken up painting again as a way to relax and be creative. I have to tell you it feels amazing to be doing something purely for my satisfaction and enjoyment!! 
I encourage you to not forget about yourself in your busy lives. 
 Anyway… I came across this incredible custom-designed sculpture—
‘Fluid’ by Kelly Farley

It’s sophisticated yet simple. I absolutely love the creative way the orbs were made. The muted colors are gorgeous. The inclusion of both hard and soft lines and edges as well as the metal make it feel industrial yet has a very zen quality.
The ceramic spheres were fired in a Japanese style kiln called Anagama and placed on oyster shells. Over the long firing process, the shells infused into the spheres, giving each one a unique color and texture. After being hung from oxidized steel chains, this show-stopper was born.
It provides guests with a unique and colorful welcome in its rightful place in the entryway, and it can be admired from several places in the home.
How do you feel about art?
Do you look for special pieces to decorate your home?
It’s a great place to start when decorating a space and can often help guide you in your decisions for wall color, fabrics, and overall feel for the room you are trying to create.
I think this sculpture could work with several different design styles including traditional, coastal, boho, etc.

By Style Bestie

Super busy mom