What is the right dress style for your body shape?



* The idea is to draw the eye up to look at your neck and shoulders and away from your least favourite bits.
* Aim for wide boat necks, deep V-necks and details at the neck or shoulders that draw the eye up. A dress with a V-back is a stunning alternative to strapless or off-the-shoulder styles.
* If you have long hair, wear it up to draw attention to your neck and maximise your style advantage.

AVOID closed necklines, detailing anywhere lower than the bust, and bright and busy bottoms (skirts, pants, or dresses).


* Tailored clothes are perfect for you, but whatever your choice, make sure there’s good built-in support.
* Opt for dresses with darts or seaming through the waist. Show off your cleavage and balance your curves with a scoop or low-cut V-neck. Or try keyhole or square styles. Baby doll and empire-line dresses also look great.
* Look for silhouettes in fabrics that skim (rather than cling) your body accentuating your curves subtly.

AVOID details at the bust, flimsy soft styles and billowing fabrics, buttons in the wrong positions, high necklines, crossover styles that cut your bust in two (a wrap-front style is better) and feature details around the waist.


* It’s all about details for you. Anything with detailing on the bodice — pleats, frills, beading or corsetry — will add interest and draw the eye up creating the illusion of a bigger bust.
* If you don’t need to wear a bra (lucky you!), try halter-necks, strapless styles or dresses with spaghetti straps.
* Look for jersey and silk dresses that fit like a glove from the waist upwards.

AVOID stretchy tube dresses if you are flat chested.


* If you’re looking to up the sex factor, choose a dress or top with sheer sleeves in a contrasting material. These can be just as sexy as sleeveless styles while covering less-than-perfect biceps and triceps.
* Obviously unsightly upper arms, commonly known as “tuckshop” arms, are hard to disguise with sleeveless styles! Alternatively look for styles with three-quarter sleeves with minimum detail, and darker tones. And, of course, you can always wear a light jacket, cardigan or wrap of some kind.

AVOID sleeves with patterns, strong bust details and puff sleeves.


* Lucky you with your hourglass figure, so embrace it!
* A curvy figure looks best in fabrics that drape rather than cling, but don’t leave your waist undefined. Even the subtlest curve at the waist will enhance your shape.  A corseted dress will look fabulous on you. And you’ll stop traffic in a wrap dress.
* And don’t be afraid to bare a shoulder. A wide V-neck that skims your collarbones is great.
* But if you want to disguise your hips, keep the fabric fluid and the skirt silhouette soft.

AVOID shapeless shift, drop-from-the-shoulder styles as they only add width.


* A tailored A-line skirt or dress and a V-neck are the most flattering shapes.
* A dress or top with V-neck opens up the chest area and draws the eye downward, making the waist appear narrower. Look for pieces with built-in darts and panels, which also help define your figure. An A-line skirt, with its wider hemline, will also make the waist appear narrower.
* Alternatively, drawing the eye up to an exposed shoulder is also a great balancing trick. If you don’t want to bare a shoulder, a great piece of jewellery at the neckline (either a brooch or necklace) will be just as effective. Opt for a length just below the knee to get as much height as possible.

AVOID two-piece outfits, high-waisted anything, straight skirts, cropped tops and jackets, belts and sleeves that finish at the waist.


* You’re one of the few who can get away with a simple shift.
* But if you feel that’s too simple, create curves with a belt, or darts and seaming at the waist. A sleeveless dress that’s slightly cut away at the shoulder will also strengthen your look.
* However, a full skirt and nipped-in waist will add some feminine appeal giving the illusion of shape. You can also get away with ruffles and frills, which, for many, are figure killers.


* A thicker torso lacks a defined waistline, so you need to fake it with fashion tricks.
* Look for a straight, slightly fitted design with darts through the waist to give the illusion of a nipped-in waist.  While a shirred or ruched dress pulls in the waistline causing it to appear slimmer than your top and bottom halves.
* Or hide a less-than-trim torso with a gently tailored style and empire-line dress that skims directly over the midriff.
* Alternatively, go for an A-line dress or skirt with a matching short or cropped jacket that can button up.

AVOID anything stretchy or fitted that stretches over your stomach and midriff area.

BIG HIPS (pear shaped)

* The idea is to draw the eye up and away from your least favourite bits.
* Pear shapes — those whose hips are wider than their shoulders — will benefit from defining and emphasising your shoulders to help counterbalance your wider hips.
* Look for sharp shoulders or add small shoulder pads to balance your wider hips.
* A-lines are the best hip minimisers. Alternatively, choose a waisted A-line dress that falls gently over the hips. The length can vary from mid-thigh to ankle-skimming.
* A plunging neckline (it doesn’t have to be too deep) will also draw the eye up away from your hips.

AVOID fitted straight skirts or dresses, straight tunic styles, full skirts (they can make your hips look even wider), dropped waistlines, tight mini-dresses that stop mid-thigh and details of any kind at the hip area.


* For women who want to cover their legs, long or maxi dresses are easy to find.
If you are tall, try the full-length versions; if you are short, look for three-quarter length dresses instead.


* Just because you’ve been blessed with great legs, doesn’t mean that a short dress is your best option.
* A hem that sits on or just below your knee (at the narrowest point of the leg) with flippy details or a floaty fabric that moves when you move (such as silk and viscose) is way more seductive.


* If your knees are less than svelte (honestly, who has great knees?) any style that stops at the narrowest part of the leg – just below the knee – will flatter.

AVOID styles that cut right across knees.


* Empire waists lengthen petite frames. As does monochromatic dressing – one shade head to toe.
* A sheath dress should be your go-to style. The clean, elongated shape helps you appear taller and leaner – even more so if you choose one that sits just above or in the middle of your knee (never longer) to play up the narrowest part of your leg.



By Style Bestie

Super busy mom