Top Ten Favorite Style Bestie Tips For Your Home

Are you constantly trying to get your home to look “right” with no success? – these easy Interior Design tips are just the thing to help!


1.When decorating, try and use about 70% of a main colour, 20% of a secondary colour, and 10% as an accent colour, and this will create a great scheme for you (don’t forget as well that flooring and furniture has colour too!). For instance, use a cream on your walls as the main colour (maybe a cream cushion or two as well!), dark brown sofas for the secondary colour, and green plants/cushions and accessories as your accent colour.


2. Just as interior designers do, try and get samples of all the ideas you have for a room, and create your own mood board. This is just a fancy way of saying gather it all together you that you can see at a glance whether things work or not in the scheme before you buy – you can also estimate the price and budget accordingly.


3. Think about scale – if you have a large room, then go for larger patterns as they will feel more to scale in the space – smaller patterns can work well as accents but not on main walls as they will feel too busy etc….


4. If you are scared or simply don’t like that much colour in your home, try and play with different textures and fabrics instead – as this will create just as much interest – neutrals don’t have to be boring (they are my favourite!).


5. Lighting is absolutely critical in a scheme, think about what different times of the day you use a room, and ensure that you have suitable lighting for each time (bright lights won’t work well in a room that you want to use to relax in the evening, for example – and dim lights won’t be best for a kitchen when you are preparing food). I like to have dimmer switches on most lights as you can then change the level of light depending on what you are doing.


6. Always measure furniture and check it will fit in the space you want it to before you buy – it will always look small in a showroom… (Also, make sure it will fit through your doors when it is delivered)


7. Invest in a few key items and add in cheaper accessories to not only create a scheme that suits you completely but also won’t break the bank! You don’t need to spend a fortune to create a great look.


8. Try and add a focal point to every room – so that your eye focuses on one thing as you enter the room – commonly this is a fireplace, a bed, a feature wall etc…. This will make the room feel much more finished and complete.


9. The final touches are what brings a room together – a few cushions, throws, rugs etc.. will work wonders.

Start looking around when you’re out and about, because you can pick up some great cost effective options from lots of places (and most supermarkets).


10. Get the professionals in – DIY is all well and good if you are good at it – but it is a costly mistake to start doing things yourself if you haven’t got the experience. Do you really want to pay for wallpaper again because you haven’t been able to hang it exactly right? Paying a professional is of course more expensive than doing it yourself, but is usually worth it!

By Style Bestie

Super busy mom