The Art Of Mixing Patterns and Color – Cheery Bedroom Refresh

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I absolutely love this bedroom refresh. It’s alot of pattern and color however it works in my opinion and creates a fun and welcoming vibe. The key here was to pull colors from the existing wallpaper and bed frame – in this case, blue and orange. That’s obvious. Then, I chose pink as the unexpected but complementary color. I feel like it softens the palette and prevents the room from feeling overly coordinated and matchy. It’s truly amazing to see how much a piece of furniture and a few throw pillows can completely transform a room, giving it an entirely new vibe. After all’s been said and done, this has become my favorite room in the house!





Here are some tips for you to try at home…

Pick 3

Three is the magic number. (One is the loneliest.)
Everything looks better in groups of three, and pattern is no exception. I tested this out myself, and it’s so true. 2 patterns look great, but 3 patterns combined successfully will change your life. (If your life revolves around fabric. And whose doesn’t?)

Vary The Scale

The key to combining patterns is varying the scale. Vary the scale of your patterns from small to large. For example, pick a large scale fabric for pattern 1. For pattern 2, pick a fabric that is half the scale. Then for fabric 3, you can use either scale, but mix the colors.

Vary The Colors

Pick 2-3 colors. Try limiting the color on fabric 1 and/or fabric 2 and then combining all the colors on fabric 3. This ties everything together.

Add Solids & Texture

Adding a solid or textured fabric into the mix will also help bring everything together. For solids, pick one of the colors in your patterns that you love. You can take it one step further by picking a textured solid fabric. For example, if your patterns have an ivory background, try adding a soft, woven ivory pillow to the mix.

Use Friendly Fabrics

This is my favorite tip, and the one I had the most fun playing with and learning about. Apparently, there are fabrics that just inherently look great together….they’re fabric friends. Who knew?

By Style Bestie

Super busy mom