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Key To Staying Comfortable And Looking Fashionable On The Slopes

I love the idea of skiing down the slopes with family for a fun getaway during the cold months. However, I hate the number of bulky clothes that come with the territory. I am easily hot and don’t want to look like a tick about to pop like poor Ralphie’s kid brother in A Christmas Story”. That is definitely not the look I am going for! The article below was so helpful for me in planning my clothing for an upcoming trip with friends and family!


The holiday season will soon be upon us and that means deciding how to look absolutely fabulous as you speed your way down the slopes. From down-filled jackets, wicking fabrics, ski pants, and cute accessories to go with them all, here’s how to look amazing, while keeping warm and dry all day long.

With the ski and fashion industry changing their styles and equations every few years, it can be difficult to keep things in order. Which items are essential, and which are optional extras? Keeping warm and dry on the slopes is all that matters but it doesn’t hurt to look spectacular while doing it.

Start with your basic layers. Moisture wicking shirts and pants are the best options for your basic layer. Nothing will make you colder faster than wearing something cold and wet against your skin.

The base layer needs to be able to wick perspiration away from your skin. It provides warmth and regulates your body temperature even in the worst of winter conditions. At the same time, it should be stylish enough to make you shine once you hit the ski lodge and shed your outer layers.


Layer it Up

Several thin layers will keep you warmer than a couple of big thick layers. Layers trap more air which will allow you to stay drier and warmer. You can move better as a skier without looking like little Ralphie from The Christmas Story.

We all know how hard it is to walk, let alone ski, while wearing massive heavy layers. Opt for something light yet fashion forward, like this mid-layer.



While you could go buy a specially fitted fleece, finding a good quality zip-up mid-layer is an excellent alternative to being fitted every time your body changes. The key is to make sure you have several options with you on the mountain. Also, avoid cotton at all costs: it soaks up water easily and quickly loses its capacity for keeping you warm.

Wearing layers also allows flexibility throughout the day. You may need to shed a layer or two as the afternoon temperature peaks. Carrying a bag on the mountain will allow you to adjust your clothes at any point without having to take a major pause in your day. Just like running in the cold, very rarely will you need to double up on your legs. Long johns and ski pants will be plenty to keep your lower half warm.

Finish with your ski pants and jacket for a waterproof, clean, sleek style. You will be sure to turn heads at the ski resort. Unless you are an avid advanced skier there is no need to be fitted for snow gear, a good quality set will work. Having a good pair of ski trousers and a breathable jacket will ensure fun times on the slopes.

You don’t have to go all out with ski gear if you don’t want to. Just get a few layers that are comfortable and have fun. Gear up and enjoy the beauty of the snow.



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