IKEA’S Best New Products For 2021

Founded in 1943 in Amhult, Sweden, IKEA has been taking the furniture world by storm ever since. This furniture company sells and designs its own ready-to-assemble products. IKEA sells not just furniture, but also home accessories and kitchen appliances. IKEA comes out with new products every year, always managing to outdo itself.

As one of the largest furniture retailers in the world, IKEA has redefined the market of home decor. IKEA’s stylish, chic designs and build-it-yourself approach has made this Swedish-founded brand a world leader in terms of both affordability as well as taste. Their iconic warehouse-sized stores alone have become a staple of 20th century pop culture.

So it’s an understandably wonderful feeling to see a brand new IKEA catalog sitting on your doorstep, just waiting to be explored. And now that the 2020 catalog is officially out, we can finally glean some of the standout products we can all look forward to.


1. Lauters Floor Lamp

Price: $49.99

First on our list of new, cool furniture from IKEA is the Lauters floor lamp. This adorable lamp comes in ash white and has a solid, light-colored wood base. It is actually quite environmentally friendly and made from sustainable wood and recycled bottles, perfect for soft mood lighting.

lauters floor lamp @SDChica / Pinterest.comlauters 

It’s adjustable via the cord in the lamp base. It doesn’t take up a ton of space, with a shade width of fifteen inches and a base diameter of two feet. Even for IKEA, this is an especially well-designed lamp – and we’re loving the price point.

The Lauters floor lamp is also adjustable, making it easy to set up. The legs of the lamp are made of solid ash with a clear acrylic lacquer painted on them for durability. The shade is made of 100% polyester, PET plastic, and polystyrene. All you have to do to clean it is dust with a dust cloth.

2. Nikkeby Clothes Rack

Price: $60

If you’re like most people, there’s probably a chair in your room whose only job is to collect all your dirty laundry. Well, that’s exactly the eyesore IKEA’s new Nikkeby clothing rack seeks to solve. With two shelves and an extended rack, this tidy little nook provides ample space considering its size.

Nikkeby Clothes Rack @Lisa Colruyt / Pinterest.com

The clothes rack comes in gray-green, which is soft enough to go with pretty much any color scheme. The Nikkeby measures 31.5 inches in width, 15.75 inches in depth, and stands 66 7/8 inches in height. The clothes rack doesn’t have a ton of reviews on the IKEA site, but the ratings that are there are 5/5 stars.

The rack section can hold up to twenty shirts (or pants) on hangers. The shelves are great for shoes and can hold one to two pairs each. It is a good storage solution that is reasonably priced for all the use you’ll get from it.

3. Flottebo Sofa

Price: $499

The Flottebo sofa is a sleeper sofa that has cushions you can reorganize to change the layout. It folds out into a bed once you remove the cushions. The sofa is super comfortable because it has individually-wrapped springs that line your body. It also has storage space under the seat for space maximization.

Flottebo Sofa @Ranko Bogosavac / Pinterest.com

The Flottebo sofa comes in various colors, including Gunnared medium gray, Vissle dark gray, and Vissle purple. The purple is pretty bright, but if you’re daring in your living space, why not? This sofa isn’t overlarge, taking up 47.25 inches. The Flottebo is supportive, with springs that work independent of one another.

There’s also anti-slip material in the fabric to keep the cushions from sliding off (as lesser cushions are known to do). There’s also the option of attaching a Signum shelf to the sofa for an additional fee. IKEA recommends their new Flottebo side table as a companion piece.

4. Talrika Deep Plates/Bowls

Price: $11.99 per pack

Designed by acclaimed Netherlands designer Monika Mulder, the Talrika deep plates and bowls are good for carrying the most food with the least amount of spillage. The plates and bowls are made from sustainable, renewable plastic (as opposed to other forms of plastic that are sourced from fossil oil or other environmentally-unfriendly places).

Talrika Deep Plates/Bowls @IKEA Österreich/ Pninterest.com

These plates are perfect for any kitchen because of the neutral coloring. It’s easy to picture using them at a picnic or family meal. The Talrika deep plates are part of a series, along with the Heroisk plates and bowls. The Talrika and Heroisk lines are designed together, so they match.


The plates and bowls are 7 ¾ inches in diameter, and they are two inches in height. The dishes come four to a pack – not a bad deal for less than $12. And in perfect IKEA fashion they’re also designed to stack neatly together in your cupboard for maximum compatibility.

5. Tranget Rug

Price: $229

This handwoven wool rug is made by craftsmen (and women) in India and Bangladesh. While we’ve all read news articles about problematic working conditions in those regions, note that IKEA takes a different approach. The Tranget rugmakers were given “fair wages” and “good working conditions,” according to IKEA. Their weaving centers are organized, so you can feel good about buying from an ethical source.

Tranget Rug @Toni Hall / Pinterest.com

Woven from wool, the Tranget is made for max durability and ruggedness, though IKEA says it should be quite easy to clean. It’s design features strong blues, grays, and white.

At 7’10” in length and 5’7” wide, this rug covers a lot of floor space. The thickness is a plush quarter-inch, and overall, you get 43.92 square feet of rug with a surface density of 3.6 ounces per square feet. IKEA recommends a Stopp Filt underlay anti-slip rug so that it stays stable on any floor surface.

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