How to Wear Flats and Still Look Stylish

how to wear flats and still look stylish

Flats are an essential item in any woman’s shoe wardrobe.

The question is…

How to wear flats and still look stylish and not frumpy?

Heels look great, and I do know some who wear them all the time, but my feet can’t take them, and I think most podiatrists and chiropractors would say that they’re not the best for your feet or posture when worn over time.

Given that flat shoes don’t have the instant impact of heels, how can you improve your style quotient whilst remaining comfortable?


















Think about:

  • Adding pattern
  • Adding texture
  • Adding cut-out detail
  • Adding straps or buckles
  • Adding sheen or shine
  • Adding other details like bows or flowers or even skulls.

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