How To Shop In Between Seasons

I’m not sure about you, but right now I am just dying to start building my wardrobe for the upcoming fall/winter season. Retailer windows are full of new collections, beckoning me with new prints and styles that make my head spin. I’m imagining outfits with leather jackets, skirts with tights and chunky heeled boots. There’s just one tiny problem. I live in Houston, Texas in August. Cool weather is still a ways off. That being said, it’s not too early to start planning out what I like to call your “fashion uniform” for Fall. The tricky part is, which pieces can be purchased now in the hotter months that can be worn when it gets cooler?  Well, I recently got to do another event with Zara and Baybrook mall this past week that gave me plenty of inspiration! Below you’ll find both my tips and favorite pieces currently at Zara that can be worn through this the season and the next, so that if you’re itching to buy some new pieces right now (like me), you can do it the smart and efficient way for your pocket book!

1. Choose specific patterns and colors.

A sure way to make sure you’re buying pieces now that will last you till the first cool wind blows through is to purchase pieces in patterns and colors that are trending for Fall/Winter. Some of my favorite trends are below. Some are surprising and some are good classic patterns you might already have in your closet! 


Bold, bright colors.

Forget muted colors like burgundy, autumn orange, and mustard yellow. This season is all about BRIGHTS. Bold florals, neons, and my favorite color combo trend, red and pink! The top I’m wearing above has such a fun and feisty blend of the two!

Animal Print

It’s BACK!  But seriously, did it really ever go anywhere? I’m excited to see our old friend leopard, but also python, tiger and even zebra will be making a showing! I always say if it’s found in nature, you can be sure to add it to your wardrobe and be able to wear it again and again for years to come.

Checked patterns of every kind

Plaid, herringbone, checks, houndstooth–you’ll be seeing it everywhere! This is my favorite of all the trends, because plaid-like patterns never go out of style. It’s a print you can invest in with absolutely no hesitation!


2. Pick the right fabric

Select fabrics that are light enough for the warmer weather but can easily be easily layered with jackets, cardigans, or paired with boots. Polyester is always a good bet when it comes to light weight fabrics. It has easy care instructions too!

This light weight red top is sure to make a bold statement for fall.

Meow! Leopard pants? Yes, please.

I love how this top has the checks and then black polka dots subtly mixed into the fabric!


3. Choose versatile pieces.

When looking at specific piece, you should always be asking yourself: How many ways can I wear this? How many places can I wear it? Do I already have pieces at home I can wear this with? Does this fit my lifestyle? If the answer isn’t “at least 4” or “yes”, best to leave it at the store. Making this a habit will ensure that you always get the most out of your money and wardrobe.


 These adorable pink and red color-blocked, backless heels can be worn for a fun night out or to the office!


 This top is versatile enough for a skirt to go out (like pictured) or to be worn with slacks to the work place!


These rocking plaid wide-leg crops can be dressed up for the office or down for a casual day with sneakers and a tee.


4. Stay true to you.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what designers say is in or out, stylish or tacky, it only matters what you like and feel good in. If animal prints are not your thing…that is 100% ok! Pick and choose when it comes to trends, don’t feel you have to do them all. Because nothing is as attractive as a woman who is confident in what she is wearing and her personal style!


Until next time,


By Style Bestie

Super busy mom