How to Incorporate Wellness and Feng Shui Into Your Decorating Traditions

I have been learning more and more about Feng Shui and am pleasantly surprised how many positive traditions already exist in my home. I love the idea of positive energy and good fortune and am happy to spread as much as I can during this crazy year! The article below has some great suggestions that are surprisingly easy to incorporate into your home as well.

With the holiday season here and buzzing, decorating is top of mind for many, no matter what you celebrate and how you’re doing it. Plus, with health and wellness a high priority in this unique year, many people are finding ways to integrate their wellness practices into their seasonal decor. Gala Magriñá, holistic interior design expert for residential and holistic spaces and founder of the firm Gala Magriñá Design, has a few tips for how to incorporate wellness into your decorating traditions, for a mindful holiday season full of joy and cheer. Don’t fret if you feel too frazzled to get into the holiday spirit—these tips and design sensibilities can be carried throughout your decorating schemes at any time of year.


Color Choice

Be intentional about the colors you choose for your decorations. Red is the color of action and passion. Green is a relaxing, calming color that reminds us of nature. Orange is uplifting and stimulating and is good for creativity. Pink is relaxing, loving, and soothing. Consider the feelings you want your space to evoke and go from there.


Inspiration From Nature

Forage in your backyard or local park, and bring in natural branches and decorations as much as possible. It’s a way to bring the look and scent of nature into the home. Studies show that access to nature lowers blood pressure and stress, and improves mood and concentration.


Thank Your Tree

If you get a tree that has been cut down to enjoy in your home, give it thanks! This shows respect for the Earth and reminds us not to take nature for granted.


Play with Scent

Fir or balsam candles are great for clearing and purifying the air, and they are also invigorating. Cinnamon can be energizing and stimulating. Lemongrass and citrus smells are mentally stimulating. Burn particular scents in certain rooms or at different times of day to evoke your mood of choice.


Smart Shapes

Consider the ways that shapes affect us. For example, angular and spiky objects represent fire in feng shui and energize the room. Round shapes, meanwhile, represent water and are more calming.


By Style Bestie

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