Help Me Hide My Back Fat

If you’re self-conscious about the fat on your back, there are several tricks that will help you minimize the look of it. With a few simple tricks, you can hide back fat and feel confident and fabulous in any outfit.


Choose garments that lay flat on your body.

Squeezing into a smaller size won’t do you any favors. In fact, it often accentuates problem areas, such as back fat. If a garment puckers, pulls, or is hard to zip up or get on, it’s too small. Clothes that fit properly result in a more polished, streamlined look.[2]

The exception to this rule is the seams of the clothing. If the seams are lying flat against your skin, the garment is too tight. Seams should not touch the skin if the fit is correct.

Pick pants that you can fit 2 fingers in the waistband while wearing.

Pants that fit properly should have a little wiggle room for bending and sitting. You should be able to fit 2 fingers inside your waistband when wearing the pants. If you can’t, they’re too tight.

Look for soft or stretchy fabric waistbands. These will flatter all body types.

Select loose tops rather than tight ones.

Shirts that are skin tight will show bulges that you may want to keep hidden. Opt for loose tops that have a bit more room between the fabric and your skin and float away from your body.

An empire-waist top that is narrowest under the bust and widens toward the hips is a great choice. Wear it with leggings or straight-legged jeans. Alternatively, a button-down that is fitted, but not too tight, is perfect for the office. Make sure the openings between buttons don’t pull or gape.

Shirts with deep necks or cut-out shoulders are flattering on almost all body types.

To see if a top fits properly, raise your arms above your head. If the top pulls up or rubs against your body, it may be too small. If it doesn’t, it fits.

Make sure your jackets don’t pull across the body.

The shoulder seams should sit directly on the top edge of the shoulders. A jacket is too tight when it feels stretched across the back or doesn’t close properly. If you can’t fully lift and extend your arms or steer your car, the jacket is too small.[3]

If the shoulder seams reach down your shoulder, the jacket is not a good fit.

Avoid strapless bras, tops, and dresses.

Strapless bras, tops, and dresses are often quite tight around the top band to ensure they don’t fall down. However, this tightness pushes the skin out around the band, creating bulges.[4]

Choose a bustier-style strapless bra or top for better support. Alternatively, opt for something with wide straps instead.

Add a jacket or cardigan in cold weather.

If you love the way a shirt looks in the front, but hate the way it looks in the back, don’t toss it out. Simply top off your look with a jacket, cardigan, or shrug in a complementary color. It will cover your back and keep you warm while allowing you to continue to wear the clothing you already own.[5]

Add a cardigan over a button-down shirt and trousers.

Pick garments with lining.

A lining makes a great foundation for dresses and tops, which can minimize the appearance of back fat. The lining hugs your skin which helps the outer layer of fabric lay smoothly over your body.[6]

For instance, choose a lace dress with a spandex lining. Alternatively, pick a blazer with silk lining.

If clothing with liner makes you too hot, you might try wearing shapewear or a breathable T-shirt under your clothing instead.

Opt for tops with a V-shaped back.

A V-shaped back elongates your silhouette. Tops or dresses with deep Vs also have less fabric pulling and stretching across your skin, which can create rolls or lumps.[7]

A loose, black, V-back top would pair well with jeans and heels.

Camouflage lumps with textured fabrics.

Pleats, ruching, ruffles, and lace can all help hide rolls or bulges and also add interest to your outfit. Garments with patterns woven into them, like damask and brocade, also work well.

A brocade jacket has enough structure and texture to create a streamlined look and would look great paired with trousers.

A textured swimsuit will also help hide back fat. While you may want to avoid broad stripes, thin and angled stripes look great on just about anyone.

Don’t Forget the Right Undergarments!

Get fitted to find the correct bra size.

Many women are actually wearing the wrong size bra. Go to a store specializing in undergarments and ask for a bra fitting. A well-fitting bra can reduce the look of back fat, as a too-tight band often causes unsightly spillage.

Pick a bra with a front closure.

A bra with a front closure creates a smoother appearance in the back. Opt for a bra with a front-closure and a wide back band to minimize bulging. These bras work well under most tops, from T-shirts to blouses.

Select a bra with smoothing panels.

Bras with smoothing panels have wider bands to reduce the appearance of back fat. Pick one made from a stretchy material to help shape and smooth your back.

Wear a shaper tank underneath your tops.

A shaper tank, often made from spandex, will smooth out your back fat and create a sleeker silhouette. Shaper tanks come in many different styles so they remain invisible underneath any type of shirt. Pick up a few styles to try out as you’ll be sure to love the results.


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