Fall & Winter Style Hacks to Elevate Your Look

Today we’re continuing with our mini series, Oh So Pulled Together! In this series we’ve simply been learning tips and techniques for creating interesting and modern outfits with the clothes we have in our closet. Along those lines, today I’m sharing fall and winter style hacks to help you elevate your looks during the cooler weather months.

Really it’s so much easier to pull interesting outfits together in the cooler months simply because we’re working with layers. But I have learned that simply piling on the layers is not generally enough to make your look “oh so pulled together.” Remember, a little effort translates as chic and pulled together. So when you demonstrate that you did indeed do a little work you’ll look more finished and polished.

Here are a few fall and winter style hacks that can go a long ways toward completing your look. I like to try to incorporate one to three each time I get dressed.


Partially or Fully Tuck Your Top

Even a sweater outfit can benefit from a simple tuck in the front. Not only does this tuck generally (on most body proportions and shapes) create a more pleasing proportion, but it also demonstrates effort and thought.

But you can also tuck in a sweatshirt or other top, even with your athleisure looks.

If you’re worried that your waistline prevents you from being able to tuck, well, first of all, rethink that. You do not have to have a flat tummy and tiny waist to tuck. I’ve seen far too many gals in our Private Facebook try it who, like me, do not have a tiny waist, and they’ve pulled it off beautifully. Seeing their before and after pictures is truly convincing.

Belt It!

Similarly, adding a belt is a great way to literally pull your look together while also adding interest and texture. I definitely suggest a reversible belt as a closet staple. But it’s also fun to have a patterned or colorful belt or two as well.


Add a 3rd Piece

Maybe this goes without saying, but adding that third piece, such as a blazer, cardigan, vest or ruana, can definitely add interest and texture to your outfit. Still, you want to choose wisely.

For instance, you can use that third piece to emphasize a color you’re wearing.

But a few details we all want to be aware of are the placement of pockets, the overall bulk of the garment, the shoulder and arm bulk and any extra hardware that may detract from the look or add visual weight. I think the flyaway cardigan above checks all the right boxes. It’s lightweight, has a beautiful drape and features well placed pockets that don’t add visual weight.

Bonus style hack: Cuff Your Sleeves – You can roll them, turn them up or double cuff. Create the kind of look you choose. I suggest cuffing or double cuffing when you want a more polished look. But just roll them up and make them a little messy if you want to make a look more casual and modern.

Layer a Sweater Over a Shirt

Again this may sound like a no-brainer, but I sometimes forget how pulled together this combination can look. Especially if I take the time to use a few more styling hacks.


In the photo above, I’ve also left the shirt tail hanging out from under the shirt. This is a great way to add interest and a casual vibe to an otherwise stuffy look.

Check the tips for dressing your body proportions. You don’t want to do this if you have a long torso, but if you have a short torso it’s a great way to elongate your upper body. Also if you are exceptionally wide across the hips, you probably don’t want to add that extra line with the untucked shirt. Instead, you’ll want to tuck in both layers at the waist to lift the focus there.

Go Monochrome

I love creating monochrome looks year round, but it’s so much easier in the fall and winter. Why? Because one of the keys to creating the best monochrome looks is to use multiple textures in your outfit.

The look above includes corduroy, cashmere, suede, leather and antique gold. Don’t forget to layer on the textures when you go monochromatic.

Add a Pretty Scarf

It is still (and I think always will be) fashionable to tie on a pretty scarf. While I still have a few infinity scarves in my closet, they’re really not as “in” as they once were. You’ll get more bang for your buck if you simply tie a pretty rosette or simple knot with a square scarf or drape on a longer one.

I will be sharing how to tie the little rosette above in an upcoming video. Meanwhile, I may hop on our Facebook group to share this little trick sometime soon.

Wear a Piece of Statement Jewelry

You can choose jewelry that coordinates and maximizes your outfit like I did above.

Or you can go with a piece of jewelry that makes a bold statement on its own, as I did below.

Consider Your Outerwear as an Accessory

At some point most of us need to add a coat to our outfits. Don’t just layer on warmth. Consider your coat as part of your outfit. This year especially, as we have to do more of our gathering outside, we’ll want to count our outerwear as an accessory at least.

I’m sure I could add other style hacks that are particularly great to use during the fall and winter, but I better draw this post to a close. Do you have other ways you enjoying pulling your fall and winter outfits together beautifully? I’d love for you to share those below.

If you’re interested in shopping any of the outfits I’ve shared here, please click through the links I provided in the captions of the photos. Thank you so much for shopping through my links. That is one of the ways I earn an income through what I do here. I enjoy serving you in this way.



By Style Bestie

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