Are You Arranging Your Furniture Wrong?

If the furniture isn’t arranged right, even the most beautiful of rooms can fall short. So how do you create a successful layout? For starters, avoid these furniture arranging mistakes. But if you’re guilty (we’ve all been there!), fear not—it’s easy to rectify with these tricks…


Mistake: Wallflower Furniture

Your room may feel bigger with all the furniture pushed up against the wall, but if you find yourself having to shout across the room to have a conversation, it may be time to rearrange. In this , the sofa “floats” in the middle of the room, but it’s closer to the fireplace and the chairs, which creates a cozier conversation area.  like this can define how the room is used for years to come.

Mistake: Foregoing Zoning

In large, open rooms, bring order by establishing zones for different activities: a seating arrangement for conversations and TV-watching, and a work area with a desk or table for homework, paperwork, and art projects, for example. Set up your space according to your needs, rather than the labels a builder may have assigned. Once you learn how to arrange furniture in ways that are outside of the box, the sky is the limit.

Mistake: Beds That Partially Block A Window

A bed that peeks over a window frame looks odd from the street and can lead to uneven fading. However, what if it’s the only place for your bed? Make it look better with these furniture arrangement tricks: Hang floor-length curtain panels that fall behind the headboard and block the back of the headboard from the window, or install top-down, bottom-up shades, which will allow light to come in but be a backdrop for the protruding headboard edges. If your style is modern, go with a platform bed with a headboard that’s low enough to fit beneath the window trim. You can also install an entire wall of curtains as a fabric backdrop.

Mistake: Sticking To Conventions

Yes, conventions are good to stick by much of the time, but occasionally a furniture arrangement shake-up is in order. An oblong dining table sat square in the middle of this room, leaving space for little else. But flipping it sideways and scooting it to the end of the room left space for storage and streamlined traffic flow. Now nestled up against the cushioned bench, this family can enjoy mornings from their new kitchen banquette.

Mistake: Sticking To Conventions

In addition to thinking about how furniture pieces relate to one another and the room, you’ll want to think about the traffic flow: how people enter, exit, and navigate the room. For living rooms, make sure people can easily get in and out of the seating grouping without having to awkwardly tango around a side table, for example. If your room has several entries and exits, plan a clear path between these points, such as between an archway that leads from the kitchen to the living room and patio doors. Think about how to arrange living room furniture to make the most of your space while not getting in the way.

Mistake: Poor Rug Relationships

A lot of people make mistakes when choosing the right rug for their living room or bedroom. Ideally, all legs of your furniture should be on the area rug. If that isn’t possible, aim to have the front legs of the furniture placed on the rug, or consider layering rugs for a modern look.


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