4 Tips for Business Casual Style


Let’s start from the bottom up. Sometimes it really is all about finding the right shoe. It’s important to wear something that is formal enough that will dress up your whole look but also comfortable enough to wear all day long (especially if this is a workwear look). I truly believe that the right shoe can truly make an outfit, and on the flip side, the wrong shoe can, well…. it can just look wrong.

Lately, I’m loving these Luxe loafers from SAS Shoes because they are super chic black suede with a patent strap across the top, but they are also comfortable. I obviously have a thing for shoes , and these puppies are a pair of winners! I love how they look chic with a business casual look, but they are also cute with a pair of jeans for a more dressed down look as well.

Leigha Gardner, of The Lilac Press, with 4 tips for business casual style featuring chic accessories and well-filling pieces


Whether you opt for pants and a shirt, a pencil skirt and silk blouse or a dress, make sure each piece fits well. Make sure dresses and skirts are well past the fingertips almost or at knee-length. Although I firmly believe there is a time and a place for shorter dresses, usually it isn’t as a part of a business casual look. I also prefer my skirts and dresses to be fitted, but not too tight.

When I said that women have a bit more flexibility with what we can wear, I meant it! For example, we can wear comfy pants! I love this pair of pants because of the stretch and movement they allow. Always opt for something that isn’t too restrictive and will allow you to move comfortably all day long. The pants I’m wearing here are basically glorified leggings, but shhh… no one has to know!

A button down is a classic that really is appropriate for almost any occasion. Whenever I’m unsure of how “professional” I need to be, I usually opt for a button down. If you are feeling more causal, do a chic “half-tuck” like I did here, by only tucking in one side of the shirt. What is great about this is that if you feel like this look is too casual, you can go ahead and opt for a full tuck.


This is a well-known rule of them for proper dressing, but I think it applies especially to business casual attire. This rule is all about polishing off your overall look. In my case, I opted for a simple white blazer, but sometimes I opt for a more colorful, playful blazer. For your third piece, you can go for a blazer, a chic vest, or sometimes a simple scarf can even do the trick.

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