The Key Pieces For a Great Wardrobe

By: Nada Manley, Beauty Mommy

Picking what to wear and looking your best is sooooo much easier when your closet has the key pieces for a great wardrobe. I came across a wonderful article in Who What Wear in which Michael Kors said that the reason most women don’t have anything to wear is because their wardrobe is out of balance. I’ll allow him to explain:

“70 percent of the clothes you own should be meat and potatoes. 30 percent should be icing and fluff — that’s color, pattern, shine, and accessories. Too many women get the proportions the other way round, then can’t figure out why they can’t get dressed.”

I was going to say the exact same thing. Only, you know, differently.

And that’s why I feel so strongly about my Capsule Wardrobe, the 11 items that I believe every well-dressed woman should own. Regardless of lifestyle. (Simply make the pieces more or less dressy, depending on your needs.) But I will warn you: Essentials are boring. Recently, a gorgeous client of mine took one look at a board of well-edited essentials and said just that. These aren’t the pieces we get excited about, and that’s why, for years, I never bought them. Why would I spend my money on a boring black tank when there was a hot pink sequined one right next to it? I always went for the glam, the glitter, the girly. And in spite of being a frequent shopper at stores that specialized in those three G’s, I never had anything to wear. Because it turns out you need something to wear with pink sequins besides, well, more pink sequins. The eye needs a place to rest. Even for me.

Is your wardrobe out of balance, and crammed with so many of-the-moment bargain buys and memorable statement pieces that there is no room for anything of substance?

All wow pieces and very few workhorses?

All razzle dazzle and no real?

All… you get the idea. A common problem, and an easy one to fix. The key is to invite a few good quality essentials to the party. They mix and mingle really well with funky tops, sparkly cocktail dresses, patterned skirts and the like. They play well with others, and they don’t always feel the need to draw attention to themselves. Unlike some clothes we know. Allow me to introduce them to you, in no particular order.

And since flattery is everything, I’ve given hints on finding the right style for your Body Type, below. And if you still don’t know your body type, click HERE and I’ll be happy to help!

(Note: For your shopping convenience — ahem — simply click on the image of the item and it will take you straight to the site where it can be purchased.)



By Style Bestie

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