Master Bedroom Color Ideas

master bedroom color ideas purple

Need some inspiration and master bedroom color ideas?

Getting bored with your master bedroom and wondering what color to paint it?

Here are 7 colors that will surely spice up your master bedroom.

1) Deep Purple

master bedroom color ideas purple

This is one of the boldest and dark master bedroom colors you can think of, making your master bedroom feel like a luxurious retreat at the end of each day. The deep purple master bedroom design looks especially great when paired with white furniture as this produces a strong contrast effect which makes the whole atmosphere very elegant and chic.


2) Bright Pink


master bedroom color pinik

This is another bold master bedroom color but in a really girlie way! It is fun and flirty and would make you want to stare at it for hours on end without getting sick of it (which is a big compliment for master bedroom colors). It is also a great color to paint your master bedroom if you have black furniture as it will pop out of the dark background and really stand out from its surroundings.


3) Mint Green

Mint green master bedroom ideas are on-trend at the moment, with some people even going as far as painting the whole master suite this lovely pastel green color. You can then combine it with white or pale wood furniture for contrast. If you want to be super brave then go all out and paint everything in different shades of mint green! This may be too much of a good thing but hey – it’s worth trying out!


4) Navy Blue


master bedroom color navy blue

Navy master bedroom ideas also look very chic and sophisticated, especially if they are combined with a monochromatic master bathroom design. This master bedroom color is great for smaller master bedrooms as it does not make the room feel cramped but on the contrary – spacious and calming. You can add some pop of color through furnishing or accessories such as curtains or lamps to make your master bedroom stand out from the rest of the house while still going along beautifully with this master bedroom color scheme.


5) Pale Pink


pale pink master bedroom color

Pale pink master bedroom designs look especially amazing when paired with white furniture, which gives a really soft and glamorous effect that you will love waking up to every day. If pale pink is not your thing then you can always combine it with a different master bedroom color such as navy or light blue, depending on the room’s shape and size.


6) Brown

brown master bedroom color

“Brown master bedroom ideas? That is one I haven’t thought of!” I hear you say – but believe me, this master bedroom color will have everyone guessing whether it was actually painted brown! It gives a very modern master bedroom look which works best when paired with white furniture. You can then add some chic accessories to your master bathroom design for a luxurious feel that you will thoroughly enjoy coming back to every day.


7) White

white master bedroom color


White master bedroom colors are always a safe bet if you want master bedroom decorating ideas that work well regardless of what other furnishings or colors you have in the master suite. Paint your master bedroom white and then add some beautiful master bathroom design ideas to really make it stand out from the rest of the house. Choose a color for the master bathroom that complements master bedroom colors such as pale pink or brown, depending on what you go with for your master bedroom design.

With these 7 easy master bedroom decorating ideas, you’ll be one step closer to having an irresistible master suite design that everyone in your family will love!



By Style Bestie

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