Styled by Kathryn

SbK offers wardrobe consulting and personal shopping for successful women.

The passion to give women confidence in their wardrobe and appearance is combined with my expertise in fabric quality and garment design to create an educational and diverting styling experience.

As a professional stylist my creativity, eye for proportions, color, and knowledge of textiles are the tools I utilize for the canvas of the human form.  Each client has unique personal style. A great stylist helps them discover how to express themselves visually while staying true to their personality and lifestyle.

With my knowledge of garment construction, capsule wardrobes, personal shopping and designer consignment, my clients have a unique advantage each time they dress. I help clients understand the “why” behind fit and the “how to” look effortlessly stylish. I go beyond the trends to help clients invest in their wardrobe with slow-fashion; pieces that are made to last and sourced from a vast network for retail and designer consignment.