Megan Brandle

Does this sound like you?

  • You pick outfits off the mannequins at stores or whatever the sales associate tells you.
  • Shopping is a hassle and you don’t know where to find items you love.
  • Several of your clothes still have the tags on them.
  • You admire stylish women from afar but are clueless as to how to mimic their look.
If so, we should talk.

I’ve had a passion for clothes, shoes, accessories, and putting outfits together since I can remember, and I have been unofficially styling my friends and family since I could form a sentence. Knowing what they should wear came easy; “the way” and the science behind it was learned through my college education and through real-world, hands-on training with Shauna of The Studio for Image Professionals.

Growing up, I was always told to “do what you love”, and I am so thankful to be doing exactly that after working hard to receive a BA in Fashion Marketing and Management and becoming a Certified Image Consultant.

I’ve been working with male and female clients of all ages to define and execute their own distinct personal style since 2009. Whether it’s for a special event or streamlining an entire wardrobe altogether, my expertise will keep you on point and looking great.

I approach each styling session with a sense of practicality and a less-is-more mentality.  I will help you up-level your style in a way that works with your lifestyle and budget. It’s my passion to help make life easier for my clients and I can’t tell you how great it feels when they tell me they should have done this years ago.