Emmaline Chappell

I’m Emmaline Chappell. I’m a Certified Color Consultant. I determine your best wardrobe colors. Having your colors done is an eye opening and fun experience! Believe it or not, we can’t wear every color that is available. We all have specific colors that make us look our best. When we’re wearing our appropriate wardrobe colors, via makeup and clothes, our appearance is more enhanced, flattering, radiant and youthful. Through my color consultation, you will see first hand the powerful impact your best colors have on your appearance. At the end of your color session, you will receive your own custom, wallet size, color card with 87 of your best wardrobe colors to help you when shopping.
Knowing your best colors makes your shopping experience much easier and gives you better guidance when working with color in your wardrobe.
Come discover your best colors and I guarantee that you will have the confidence of knowing that you look your absolute best for every occasion!