Best Front Door Color Ideas

Looking for the best front door color ideas for your home?


Color is an extremely important paint feature that needs to be taken into consideration when painting your front door.

It will determine the mood of your home and even help to define the personality of anyone who enters it. It can make or break your paint job with one simple color choice, so give careful thought to the best paint finish for front doors.

Why paint your front door something boring when you can make your house the most memorable one on the block with a color you love?

After all, your front door is your home’s first impression, so make it a good one.

Below are some tips to help you choose the best paint color for your front door:


Consider the architecture of your home.

A brightly colored door on a traditional white colonial home will look out of place, while a black door on a modern home would be too harsh.

Try to find a paint color that compliments the style of your home.

Think about the paint finish.

A glossy paint finish will reflect light and make your door stand out, while a matte paint finish will make it look more subtle.

Consider your neighborhood.

If you live in a neighborhood of predominately earth tones, it may be best to stick with a natural color for your front door paint, but if your house stands out from the paint color of others in your street, paint it a bright and bold color to set it apart.

Don’t paint your front door the same color as paint on your shutters.

It creates an unbalanced look that will leave you feeling dissatisfied with your paint job.

Try using contrasting colors for a more dynamic look.

Be sure to take into account the natural light in your area.

Dark paint color can make a front door look small and uninviting in a sunny spot, while a light paint color can make it look washed out in a shady spot.

The best paint color for your front door is ultimately the paint color that works for you and your home.

There is no paint color that will work universally, so don’t worry about finding the right paint color for your front door; you’ll find it if you look hard enough.

When making the final paint selection, be sure to paint a couple of doors in different paint colors to see which one looks best in the location you have in mind.

You may also want to paint a door a different color every season to keep things interesting.

Whatever paint color you choose, be sure to take proper care of your front door paint finish so that it will look great for years to come.

By Style Bestie

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