7 Tips To Wearing Stripes

Stripes could be the most popular print out there in fashion. Over the years, it’s become much less nautical and much more everyday wear. Stripes are versatile, stylish, and timeless. They can be dressed up or down, and worn a multitude of ways. When it comes to wearing stripes, there might not necessarily be any set rules (it’s been quite a while since there have last been rules in fashion, right?), but there are some tips and pointers when wearing this beloved print.


1. Think thin

When it comes to more form fitting pieces (dressesskirts, etc.), thinner stripes will typically be more flattering.

2. Veer vertical on bottom

In terms of pants, it’s best to stick to vertical stripes if you’re on the shorter side (like me!), as horizontal on your bottom half can make you appear wider than you are, and vertical stripes will be elongating (solely referring to pants here, not skirts – horizontal stripes on skirts, at all heights, work well).

3. Mix it up

Don’t be afraid of mixing widths. A wider, horizontal striped top paired with a wide leg thinner striped pair of pants is certainly a chic look. As well, mixing horizontal and vertical on top and bottom is a great option, too.

4. Live Colorfully

Colorful stripes are always a good idea. Don’t be shy when it comes to color. In our book, the more color the better.

5. Diversify 

Stripes mixed with other prints, such as florals and geometric, lends itself to a fun, slightly unexpected look.

6. Give the eye a break

We’re all about wearing a monochromatic striped look, but if you’re going for striped bottoms with a striped top, stick to a solid (or printed, but not striped) pair of shoes and bag. Stripes on stripes is one thing, but stripes on stripes on stripes on stripes is another.

7. Start small

If you’re not totally and completely feeling stripes (it’s ok, we’ll forgive you!), you can add them into your wardrobe by way of accessoriesjewelry, and even shoes.




Written by Julie Weinstein

By Style Bestie

Super busy mom